ReallyCheapNames.com is my company that sells domain names for just $9.97 per domain per year. Personally, I buy and manage all my domain names here. I think you should too, if you like! I have a number of video tutorials on how to create an account and register domain names at ReallyCheapNames.com that will teach you practically everything you need to know about how to buy and manage your domain names like I do at ReallyCheapNames.com.

ReallyCheapNames.com … (Bart’s Domain Registration Website)

Interview Topic Introduction:

My guest today is the owner of a domain name registration website called ReallyCheapNames.com. Bart Smith is the owner of ReallyCheapNames.com and also the founder of MyTrainingCenter.com, an online training website that teaches you all about business, marketing, website design, writing books, audio recording and so much more.

Bart’s here to give us some valuable insight, helpful tips and even important safety precautions when it comes to registering your domain names. Folks, pay attention. This stuff is going to be valuable.

Many people who register domain names do so without regard to what Bart will be sharing with us today. For those who either don’t know how to register a domain name for your business or if you find it hard to come up with great domain name ideas on what to register for your business, your products/services, … well, Bart Smith is going to fix all that for us.

For sure, this is going to be an interview you will want to take careful notes. So, keep a pen and paper handy. Bart’s going to be going over a lot of great information during this interview. C’mon, let’s get started. Bart, welcome to the show.

Interview Questions:

  1. Tell us about ReallyCheapNames.com. What is it and why did you go into the domain name registration business?
  2. What’s the difference between your domain name registration company and say registering your domain names with GoDaddy or Network Solutions for Enom.com?
  3. What kind of domain names can you register at ReallyCheapNames.com?
  4. What are nameservers and what do they do?
  5. What is domain name forwarding and what does that do?
  6. ReallyCheapNames.com has a service called backordering (a domain name). What is that and what does that do specifically? Why should people know about it?
  7. What are some safety precautions that people need to keep in mind when they register a domain name?
  8. What are some really great ideas for registering a domain name?
  9. Can people transfer their domains to ReallyCheapNames.com and manage them with you and why would they want to?
  10. If people need help transferring their domains to you, can they contact you for help?

How To Register Your Domain Names:

You can register, manage and transfer your domain names to Bart’s domain name registration company, by going to his website:


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ReallyCheapNames.com … (Bart’s Domain Registration Website)

ReallyCheapNames.com … (Bart’s Domain Registration Website)

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